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The New Model Business Academy is a unique and ground breaking not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the training and development of financial services professionals.

NMBA has developed a framework, which includes all of the key areas that financial services professionals require for their knowledge, skill and application.

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As a professional operating in today's ever changing financial services market, it is essential to ensure your knowledge and skills continue to evolve.

As a member of the NMBA, you will have access to a number of market leading events, each designed with your continued development in mind.

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To complement our comprehensive face to face events, we run a programme of webinars, each offering you engaging content in a number of key development areas.

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At the NMBA, your personal development is our top priority. Through our extensive event programme, you have access to a number of learning and development opportunities, which is further complemented by our personal development library.

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The NMBA is supported by a number of leading industry partners, each committed to support your ongoing personal and professional development.

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Workplase Academy

Workplace Academy

The workplace academy is an extension of NMBA and is designed to support advisers as they establish and evolve their relationships with corporate clients. You can access training and materials designed to help you take your brand into the workplace.

Latest News

Tom Hegarty: The 'advice allowance' is not all good news

  November 28, 2016

The theory behind an allowance to encourage people to seek financial advice is all very well, says Tom Hegarty, but in practice it raises a number of concerns for advisers.

You may have heard the Warren Buffet quote "Price is what you pay, value is what you get", so why should a specific price be introduced for financial advice? Should advice not be charged at the rate specific to individual clients, obviously abiding by the principles of fairness and decency?

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The Search for New Blood

  October 31, 2016

For at least the past decade, there has been a growing awareness that the financial services sector is facing a seemingly unsolvable problem; there are fewer advisers joining the industry than there are leaving. Tom Hegarty looks at the issues that a diminishing adviser population could cause, the options available in the current market for entry to the financial advice profession and what needs to be done to attract 'new blood' to the sector.

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Set your watch: time management tips

  September 08, 2016

Tom Hegarty looks at the time pressure faced by advisers and shares some insight into working smarter not harder.

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Are your clients visual, verbal or emotional?

  August 17, 2016

If it was not for the RDR rearing its head when it did, it would have been many years since most of us gave any thought to the way in which we learn and retain information. With the average age of advisers currently standing at 58, those that had not actively pursued non-mandatory professional qualifications during their career could have had a gap of around three-and-a-half decades in between exam revision sessions.

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