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At the New Model Business Academy, we have a simple mandate:

‘To improve access to and the quality of, financial advice’.

We work with literally thousands of financial advisers up and down the country to help them to develop their business and their skills, in order to ensure that they are able to continue to give good quality advice to their clients.

Our apprenticeship programmes enable firms to provide opportunities both for those within their business to grow and develop and also for those looking to get started in financial services, providing a platform for learning to become qualified to advise or to support the advice process.

We have a number of courses available and our robust programme not only provides support around exams and qualifications, but around learning and development. Our team of experienced apprenticeship managers will work with both firm and apprentice to build a bespoke plan around your requirements and will monitor your progress throughout the programme and ensure you have the right support where and when you need.

The NMBA – working with you for a brighter future for all.


Hire an apprentice

As a financial adviser, you could benefit from investing in the training and development of an enthusiastic apprentice.

Our specialist apprenticeship programmes combine work-based learning, industry-specific qualifications and paid employment for everyone between the ages of 16 – 65.

Whether your apprentice is already an employee looking to gain a formal qualification, a new employee needing training, or has just recently left full-time education, NMBA are here to support you both through the entire process.

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Become an apprentice

Qualifying through an apprenticeship shows you’re self-motivated, good at time management and provides you with valuable experience of working in a professional environment – all things that will stand you well in your future career.

To qualify for one of our apprenticeship programmes, you’ll need to be employed in a relevant role for a minimum of 30 hours a week.  So, in addition to earning a qualification, you’ll also be earning your own money, making it a more accessible route to learning and development.

If this sounds like you, and you enjoy working in a customer-centric role, have a passion for all things financial services, and want to take charge of your career, we have a range of programmes to choose from. 

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Our apprenticeship programmes


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