Apprenticeship Programme

Quality Assured

At the NMBA, we take great pride in what we do – which is helping to support advisers to develop and grow in our shared profession.

We are also committed to ensuring our support is of the highest standards and, when it comes to our apprenticeship programme, you can rest assured, whether you are an employer or an apprentice, your development and experience is our top priority.

Quality and equality

We only employ the very best resources to deliver our apprenticeship programme, whether that’s our highly trained Apprenticeship Managers, our training partners that we work with, or the professional bodies that provide our accreditation and qualifications.

As well as quality, we provide equality, as can be seen in the diversity of our apprentices across all programmes.

Instilling British Values

As part of our commitment to equality, we instil British Values at the heart of our programme. This recognises that our apprentices may be multi-cultural and multi-faith and recognises our role in ensuring that anyone enrolled onto our programme is treated fairly and is not subjected to any form of discrimination or intimidation.

British values including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, are embedded into the framework of our apprenticeship programme.


NMBA are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all learners, including young people and vulnerable adults.

Employers will also have a responsibility to the learners that they employ, and we will always work with employers, staff and learners to help them to recognise their responsibilities.

Our Apprenticeship Safeguarding policy is designed:

  • to ensure relevant and effective safeguarding practices are in place
  • to ensure the right of every applicant and apprentice to learn within a safe environment
  • to ensure that the fundamental rights and needs of our applicants and apprentices are observed
  • to ensure all staff involved in the programme understand their expectations and act professionally.

To see a copy of our safeguarding policy, please get in touch.


Our apprenticeship programmes


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