SIFA Professional

SIFA Professional

SIFA Professional has been facilitating interaction between financial advisers and solicitors for more than 25 years in order to provide a more holistic service and better outcomes for clients. Its unique range of services are widely acknowledged in providing the basis for IFAs to benefit from the dramatic changes taking place in the market for professional services.

Building stronger connections

SIFA Professional’s core objective is to promote its members to solicitors for member referrals, diversifying income streams for your firm. When it comes to working together, the most common concern expressed by IFAs and solicitors, is ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct of the Solicitor Regulation Authority.

Solicitors are rightly nervous of the regulatory implications of working with members of other professions. SIFA Professional’s long involvement with the legal regulator on behalf of both IFAs and solicitors enables them to provide their members with the requisite resources to provide this reassurance, from training and business development support, to helplines and marketing materials.

All SIFA Professional members:

  • Receive a free one-day visit by a SIFA Director for induction or solicitor meetings or bespoke SRA CPD-accredited seminars
  • Receive entry in the Directory of Professional Financial Advisers which is endorsed by the Law Society
  • Can access free monthly webinars covering regulatory, technical  and business development subjects
  • Can offer solicitors free SRA CPD, the certificates are routed via the members
  • Can access to telephone and e-mail helplines for advice on working with solicitors
  • Can access to the members website which includes a range of SIFA Professional resources
  • Receive one free copy per adviser listed in the Directory of each of SIFA Professional 's handbooks -  Trustinvest; Financial Solutions for Estate Planning; Working with Personal Injury Lawyers; Working with Matrimonial Lawyers, The Later Life Handbook; Marketing to Solicitors.
  • Receive 25 free copies of each of solicitor marketing leaflets
  • Receive  a licence to use the SIFA Professional logo and (for solicitors) the Solicitors Independent Financial Advice logo 
  • Receive  Cockerill's Law member bulletins produced by SIFA Professional's Compliance Director Ian Cockerill
  • Receive  Bushell's Briefs bulletins of legal news and updates produced by SIFA Professional's Legal Affairs Director Stuart Bushell

What SIFA Professional’s members say

Kevin Ferriby, Informed Financial Planning, Leeds, said:

“Our business has been built on the back of relationships with other professional firms. Membership of SIFA Professional has helped immeasurably over the years. Their support, including presenting at our seminars, has been a key ingredient to our success.”

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