Non-profitable clients

Non-profitable clients

If, in today’s fast paces financial services market, you’re struggling to find the time to serve all your clients or it’s not economical to do so anymore, NMBA has the solution.

Introducing Onvestor

Onvestor are a modern, straight-talking financial advisory business, providing a revolutionary, lower-value client solution.

They offer holistic financial advice to everyone which is low-cost, efficient and technology-enabled without compromising on service. Their team of experts are dedicated to championing the clients you feel you no longer can, taking on full responsibility for them.

How do your clients benefit?

You can rest assured your clients will receive appropriate advice that’s unique to their situation and excellent service, no matter how much or how little money they have.

Although Onvestor don’t offer face-to-face meetings, your clients won’t miss out on the human touch with 60-minute sessions, either via webchat or over the phone, covering a range of financial aspects.

How can your firm benefit?

Your time will be freed up as Onvestor take care of all your client’s needs, from data cleansing, contacting clients and dealing with requests.

Once the client has opted in you will receive an ongoing revenue stream for your business, and gain back valuable time which you can dedicate to the clients that matter to you most.

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