Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

A loss of capacity, either mental or physical, can affect anyone, at any age. However, the majority of UK adults aren’t aware of how their wealth, assets, health and loved ones would be affected if the worse should happen and they lost capacity in their lifetime.

Whether the result of a serious accident, a brain injury, heart disease, stroke or dementia, without adequate planning in place, it can be difficult and costly for family members to make decisions when a person loses capacity which will directly affect their lifestyle and wellbeing.

A cost-effective legal solution for clients

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to appoint a third party to make decisions on their behalf when they no longer have the capacity to do so themselves.

APS Legal & Associates Ltd, part of SimplyBiz, now make it simple for you to help your clients put their Powers of Attorney in place with a partner you can trust.

In order to refer your clients, you need to be registered as an affiliate which requires you to demonstrate a basic understanding of the final document and its powers. 

It’s free to become an affiliate and take the tests, and you can generate an additional income source for your business.


Deciding which test is right for you

Due to the differences between the legal systems applicable to England & Wales and Scotland, different tests are therefore applicable. Whilst you are welcome to take both sets, and indeed advisers with clients in both regions may wish to do this, our suggestion is that you decide which system is most applicable to your clients.


Lasting Power of Attorney - England & Wales Lasting Power of Attorney - Scotland
Start offering POAs to your clients through a partner you can trust. Start offering POAs to your clients through a partner you can trust.

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