NMBA appoints new MD

July 04, 2018
The lowdown on apprenticeships and how they work

In my last article I discussed how we found ourselves in an adviser recruitment crisis, and how circumstances have conspired to create a shortage of advisers at a time when the demand for advice is only set to increase.

Here, I want to look at the role apprenticeships can play in plugging the recruitment shortfall, and what you need to know about how apprenticeship funding works in practice.

June 28, 2018
How do we solve the adviser recruitment crisis?

We are in a period where the demand for advice appears to be increasing

June 20, 2018
Tom Hegarty: Be ready for CPD spot checks

Advisers have one-in-10 chance of being spot checked, regardless of whether they have been previously

June 18, 2018
NMBA launches financial education programme for teenagers

Nearly 200 advisers signed up 

SimplyBiz Group's New Model Business Academy (NMBA) has launched a free financial education initiative in an effort to improve financial competence among young people aged between 16 and 18.