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If you are advising a business owner or employer, as an accountant, financial adviser, payroll or HR specialist, we’re here to help you maximise the value of your services and diversify your business.

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As a professional operating in today's ever changing financial services market, it is essential to ensure your knowledge and skills continue to evolve.

As a member of the NMBA, you will have access to a number of market leading events, each designed with your continued development in mind.

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To complement our comprehensive face to face events, we run a programme of webinars, each offering you engaging content in a number of key development areas.

Webinars are free to watch as part of your NMBA membership and a full schedule is accessible via the website once you log in.

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NEW CPD material

At the NMBA, your personal development is our top priority. Through our extensive event programme, you have access to a number of learning and development opportunities, which is further complemented by our personal development library.

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The NMBA is supported by a number of leading industry partners, each committed to support your ongoing personal and professional development.

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Workplase Academy

Workplace Solutions

Workplace Solutions from the SimplyBiz Group provides a complete business development and compliance support service for anyone operating in or wishing to enter the corporate market – from accountants and financial advisers to payroll and HR specialists.

Latest News

The lowdown on apprenticeships and how they work

  July 04, 2018

In my last article I discussed how we found ourselves in an adviser recruitment crisis, and how circumstances have conspired to create a shortage of advisers at a time when the demand for advice is only set to increase.

Here, I want to look at the role apprenticeships can play in plugging the recruitment shortfall, and what you need to know about how apprenticeship funding works in practice.

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How do we solve the adviser recruitment crisis?

  June 28, 2018

We are in a period where the demand for advice appears to be increasing

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Tom Hegarty: Be ready for CPD spot checks

  June 20, 2018

Advisers have one-in-10 chance of being spot checked, regardless of whether they have been previously

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NMBA launches financial education programme for teenagers

  June 18, 2018

Nearly 200 advisers signed up 

SimplyBiz Group's New Model Business Academy (NMBA) has launched a free financial education initiative in an effort to improve financial competence among young people aged between 16 and 18.

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