About Us

About Us

Our mission

The NMBA is a not-for-profit organisation and is committed to supporting the whole financial advice profession by improving access to and the quality of advice.

We deliver that through three dedicated initiatives:


Our apprenticeship programme

Our financial education initiative

Our business development support


Through these initiatives, we aim to support everyone, no matter where they are in their career.

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Where it all began

The NMBA was launched in 2008, as The Simply Biz Group’s not-for-profit training division. Our mission was simple, to provide free resources to all advisers, assisting them through the transition of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

As a specialist training provider we recognise that people have different learning styles, which is why we created a coursework based exam for those who needed to achieve the new qualification requirement, but didn’t want to sit a formal, timed, exam.

By making the transition as easy as possible, we wanted to ensure the standard of advice and number of advisers in the sector remained sustainable.

NMBAs evolution

Nearly 10 years later, and with the number of advisers diminishing and too few joining the sector, we began working on our apprenticeship programme to deliver a long-term solution.

In 2016, we began looking into the Government Apprenticeship Initiative as a way to deliver our programme and by November that year, we applied to be added to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. Our request was approved in 2017, which was a great success.

In December 2017, we were the only organisation providing financial services apprenticeships to secure funding from the Education Skills and Funding Agency, showing the trust the government had in NMBA’s strategy.

We launched our apprenticeship programme in 2018 allowing non-levy paying employers to the chance to benefit from an apprentice.

In 2018, we began training 100 new apprentices in financial advice and we are delighted that so many are now reaching and passing end point assessment on their way to becoming a financial adviser.

Supporting you and your firm

While we continue to bring people into the profession, we haven’t lost sight of the advisers we originally set out to serve.

Over the last decade, we’ve continued to provide our members with free resources to help them maintain the required professional standards and run sustainable and profitable businesses, whether that’s through sharing best practice, business coaching or adapting to new trends such as social media.

Our complimentary events programme gives advisers a chance to come together as a community, and provides face-to-face, accredited CPD.

For those who can’t make our events, we also provide an extensive webinar programme, so you can watch on demand, whenever and wherever you are.

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Financial education

Following the inclusion of Financial Capability into the National Curriculum in 2014, NMBA has been collaborating with the industry, developing ways to help schools deliver this initiative.

In June 2017, we launched A Young Person’s Guide to Money which is available as a brochure or resources to be delivered in a classroom setting.

The aim is to educate 16-18 year olds on practical money matters like earnings, savings, borrowing and tax using the knowledge and skills of financial advisers to help deliver this.

By creating a new generation of financially savvy adults, we hope to improve their attitudes towards money and financial advice which should in turn have a positive impact on the sector, as well as the UK economy.

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Our community

We now support a community of thousands of advisers. We continue to lead the way in providing advisers with specialist training support, working in collaboration with leading industry experts to ensure their businesses are successful and profitable.

We’ll continue to develop alongside the industry, to ensure we’re always providing our members with support that’s practical and relevant.

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