Business Evolution

It’s often said that the needs of clients don’t change; the cornerstones of financial advice will always be creating a sustainable quality of life, planning for the future and ensuring long term financial protection for oneself and one’s family.   However, the range of options through which consumers can address those needs is constantly changing, and advisers must ensure they keep up.  However, there is no other option which provides the holistic approach and personal service offered by a financial adviser, and our business evolution service supports advisers in constantly developing and enhancing their proposition to ensure they are capitalising on all the opportunities and innovations open to them.

Delivered through a number of face-to-face meetings throughout the year, our business evolution service provides practical and useful guidance on how to evolve your business model, diversify income streams and shape your proposition to meet the needs of a segmented client-base.  By working with other advisers and our hand-picked partners, the New Model Business Academy will help you to not only visualise the direction in which you would like your business to go, but also to turn that vision into reality. 

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