Professional Development

The financial services industry does not stand still; innovation in both technology and product development mean that our sector is constantly evolving.  At the same time, the breadth of information and options available to consumers is also growing, and it is imperative that advisers keep up in order to be able to demonstrate not only the importance of professional advice generally, but also the key strengths of their own services and proposition. 

We believe development is absolutely key in helping financial services professionals ensure their knowledge and skill set are kept relevant and topical.  In the run up to the implementation of the RDR, the main focus for many of those working in financial services was firmly upon qualifications as they sought to reach Level 4 Status.  Although many advisers have continued on to sit more exams and gain further qualifications, there is also a large, and increasing, interest in other areas of development including soft skills, business management and conduct and ethics.

The New Model Business Academy offers guidance in all of these areas, and can support you at every stage of your ongoing professional development journey; from identifying your needs and building a process through which to address them to ensuring that you capitalise on your strengths in the most profitable way.  Although everybody’s development needs are individual, there are common threads around which we build the services available through our professional development programme. 

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